Into the Wild
Instead of watching this nationally televised embarrassment, I decided to go see a movie I have been itching to see since I first saw previews of it a long time ago. Into the Wild, a story about a 22 year old well to do college graduate who gives up everything he owns to strike out on his own. His journeys include hitching across America, meeting numerous people from different walks of life, and finally making it to where he wanted to go all along...Alaska! The movie to me helped to both tell a story, and teach a lesson that this young man Christopher McCandless learned too late. says it better then I can; "Based on Jon Krakauer's nonfiction bestseller, Sean Penn's gorgeous, tragic Into the Wild is both an advertisement for wanderlust and a sobering cautionary tale." The cinematography was amazing, and the story of this young man boggles the mind, but at the same time makes you think about the world in which he was trying to hard to escape from. A movie I would highly reccommend to those who can appreciate a movie that really makes you think. The story reminds me of my best friends, two of which have been to Alaska, one who has been across the United States and is currently living meagerly in Wyoming. While they certainly aren't as extreme as the main character in this movie, they do have the ability to pack up their lives, and leave for these far away places at a moments notice. What my friends and the character in this movie have the ability to do, that I don't think I do, is live life and enjoy certain experiences without needing anyone to share them with. Human relationships with family and friends is very important to me, but to the character in this movie, he feels he needs none of this, until its too late. I think you can find a healthy medium between companionship, and solitude. Some want more then the other, but it is in finding that in-between that I feel can make us truly happy in life.
Quite appropriate given Mike and Brian's travels.

Posted at 11/30/2007 4:45:52 PM by Jeff

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