Reasons To Not Visit Ryan
I like Philly, but there is so much I don't know about the great city. For instance, did you know we have the least attractive people in the country. I knew our murder rate was number 1 in the country, this still holds true. I was watching the news last night and what did I see? You see events like this on the news every day, this city has people killing each other off at such an alarming rate. However there are some good things to the city. It's a great sports city, Its got alot of history, and from my experience, every city has attractive people, you just have to find them. Hey look at me, I'm attractive, and I'm here. Don't worry too much about this bad publicity, just come and visit and we will stay in the safe areas, and get a cheese steak, and have a ball!
HAHAHAHAHAHA. So THAT'S what the link was for. HAHAHAHA.

Posted at 11/1/2007 4:21:50 PM by Carol

Also, bad personal hygiene.

Posted at 11/2/2007 10:06:08 AM by Jeff

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