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The League - Season 2 Jeff Schaffer, Jackie Marcus Schaffer
The League - Season 2 The League did not turn out to be hit or miss like I suspected. The players are at all times inappropriate, backstabbing, paranoid, and somewhat pathetic. The writers pull it off.

Ruxin (Nick Kroll) kills it this year. Jenny (Katie Aselton) joins the league and she brings it. Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas), the brother of Sofia (Nadine Velazquez), joins the team in Vegas to bolster the gross humor element. Shiva (Janina Gavankar), the inspiration for the “Shiva Bowl”, makes an appearance. Andre (Paul Scheer) hits new lows. Pete (Mark Duplass) chugs along. Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) loses it. Taco (Jonathan Lajoie) is funny, but his singing and rapping bits have to go.

There’s unfortunately an awkward race relations episode. For some reason every comedy show with a majority white cast feels the need to do this. On the other hand there’s a reunion episode - a trope that is usually terrible on most shows - that is actually good. Season two hits on all cylinders.
30 minutes
This product was released around September 2010 by FX
I consumed this around 2011
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