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The League - Season 1 Jeff Schaffer, Jackie Marcus Schaffer
The League - Season 1 As I see it The League has several pitfalls it must avoid to be a successful show. A six episode first season is tough to evaluate. The wives cannot be wet blankets. Jenny (Katie Aselton) looks like a solid contributor that will probably join the league, as she’s already setting Kevin’s (Stephen Rannazzisi) team. They quickly jettisoned Pete’s (Mark Duplass) wife (Leslie Bibb), an obvious wet blanket. Ruxin’s wife Sofia (Nadine Velazquez, of My Name Is Earl is fame) is going to stay, and will probably act as one for the length of the show. Ruxin (Nick Kroll) is an insidious liar and generally a bad person, but realizes he married way over his attractiveness.

Next, Andre (Paul Scheer) is an obvious target for ridicule, but he can’t just be a punching bag. Conversely, Pete needs to be the object of jokes. Right now the show seems to rotate who gets the upper hand each week. Pete is the most confident, but just got divorced. The gap-toothed, poorly dressed Andre wins the “Shiva Bowl”. Kevin is married with a kid (little Alina Foley), but gets to act childish with the group - plus, Jenny is cool. Taco (Jonathan Lajoie) is clueless but has some innate ability to get laid. Ruxin is insidious but usually gets played every couple of episodes.

Finally, the show can’t miss. There’s no sincerity so every minute of the show requires raunchy humor. Obviously the writers are going to miss sometimes, but missing on even 25% of their jokes means a full quarter of the show is bad. Right now the show is avoiding this and all of the other potential mistakes.
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This product was released around October 2009 by FX
I consumed this around 2011
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Posted by: Jeff Egnaczyk at: 5/9/2012 9:48:52 PM

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