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Asteroid Monte Craig DeLancey
Asteroid Monte Two members of an elite galactic police force - a human and a bear-like Sussuratian - search through an asteroid belt to determine if the Symbionts - “the only known self-reproducing non-intelligent machine-organic hybridization” - are trying to break out into the galaxy. Amir, the new “Predator”, must earn the trust of his partner, Bria. She does not know if he, a human, is capable of controlling the violent tendencies that his race possesses. A true predator - a carnivore - controls its violence by nature, but Bria is not sure if humans meet that criteria.

Asteroid Monte is a detective story. We're not really sure a crime is even being committed. Amir shows us that the Symbionts are fooling the galactic government with misdirection, like the title of the story implies.

Though it doesn't go into detail, the story tells of a galaxy of many races, with different alliances and conflicts.
40 minutes
This product was released around February 2012 by Escape Pod
I consumed this around April 2012
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Posted by: Jeff Egnaczyk at: 4/12/2012 11:07:53 PM

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