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Weeds - Season 5 Jenji Kohan
Weeds - Season 5 Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) keeps moving up the drug industry hierarchy. After nearly getting killed in season four, a stroke of luck keeps her alive in season five. The idea of saving her family takes a turn as it is absorbed into that Esteban (Demián Bichir), a Mexican drug kingpin. From her lowly beginnings as a solitary marijuana dealer, she has stumbled to the very top of the drug trade. The danger to Andy (Justin Kirk), Silas (Hunter Parrish), Shane (Alexander Gould), and now a new baby is at its highest. Violence is inescapable. And of course, there is nowhere to go but down.
30 minutes
This product was released around June 2009 by Showtime
I consumed this around 2010
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