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3rd Rock from the Sun - Season 6 Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner
3rd Rock from the Sun - Season 6 By season six I was just waiting to see how 3rd Rock from the Sun would wrap up. Would they stay, would they go, whom might they bring with them? Spoiler alert: the Solomons leave and don't bring anyone.

Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) goes off to college. Dick (John Lithgow) tells Mary (Jane Curtin). Sally (Kristen Johnston) sets Don (Wayne Knight) on the right path. Harry (French Stewart) continues his wacky ways without a mate. Nina (Simbi Khali), Dubcek (Elmarie Wendel), Leon (Ian Lithgow), Bug (David DeLuise), Pitman (Chris Hogan), Caryn (Danielle Nicolet), Judith (Ileen Getz), and Strudwick (Ron West) are around for the final party, but don't get extended send offs.

Season six is better than seasons four and five, but not as good as the first two. While the show didn't end at its peak - shows over 3 seasons long rarely do - I still felt sad when the Solomons were beamed up in the Rambler. The family - the aliens - lacked any tact, but they had heart. They were always quick to love the things they learned about our primitive planet. It's always endearing when an outsider tells you he or she loves your hometown or your family. That's what the Solomons did, and that's why they'll be missed.
Across The Void, We come A-warping,
Across The Fields Of Stars We Soar...
We pledge to land, and something something
something and something Spaceship!

And When, at Last, our mission’s finished,
In duty, homeward shall we fly!
Our glory can not be diminished
Back to the heavens in our mighty

30 minutes
This product was released around October 2000 by NBC
I consumed this around July 2011
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