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Sons of Anarchy - Season 1 Kurt Sutter
Sons of Anarchy - Season 1 In the face of a major life event, and a major revelation, Jax (Charlie Hunnam), the second in command and son of the founder of the Sons of Anarchy, is having second thoughts about the direction of the motor cycle club.

SoA is a crime family drama. Clay (Ron Pearlman) is like Tony Soprano in that he uses certain grand ideals when it suits him. For Tony Soprano it's "the family", while Clay claims SAMCRO is out to protect the town of Charming from external criminals like the Mayans (a Hispanic motorcycle gang lead by Marcus Alvarez, played by Emilio Rivera ) or the Nords (a white supremacist gang lead by Ernest Darby, played by Mitch Pileggi). But Tony Soprano abandons familial loyalty when it suits him. Watching SAMCRO deliver guns to inner city gangs, you have to believe the same thing goes for Clay. He is a criminal out to enrich himself, and the Sons of Anarchy are just another violent gang.

The cast of SAMCRO is likable, ranging from comic relief to serious players. Clay's wife and Jax's mother is the shrewd and strong Gemma, played by Katey Sagal. Johnny Lewis plays the rookie, "Half Sack", who gets assigned menial jobs as he works up the ladder. Bobby (Mark Boone Jr.) is the consigliere (who imitates Elvis on the side). Tig (Kim Coates) is crazy. Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) is is an Irish import, bridging the Sons to the IRA. Piney (William Lucking) is a member of the old guard, who breathes with an oxygen tank. His son Opie (Ryan Hurst) just got out of jail and is trying to stay straight with his wife Donna (Sprague Grayden) and kids. Juice (Theo Rossi) is the more technically advanced criminal, and apt to get in trouble. Hale (Taylor Sheridan) is the straight cop. His boss, Unser (Dayton Callie), helps the Sons. Happy (David LaBrava) is a pretty bad ass character with a limited role in season one.
60 minutes
This product was released around September 2008 by FX
I consumed this around 2010
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