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Weeds - Season 3 Jenji Kohan
Weeds - Season 3 I never really thought Weeds was an edgy show with a great message. This season whatever of that it did have was blown away for the most part. Things got more and more intense. Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) went from being a stealth marijuana dealer for the suburbs to a full on member of the drug trade. Last season's climax leads right into more problems, only this time she has no DEA agent husband to back her up. She gets in way over her head with the gangsta U-Turn, bringing herself in contact with other gangs run by Mexicans and bikers. The business gets larger and the money involved balloons to dangerous levels as more and more of her friends face the financial pressures of their lifestyles.

No longer is this a show about how upper middle class suburban white people - all the people that look the same as the opening credits sing - get high just like the poor. At first I thought this was a bad thing for the show from a strictly message point of view. I thought that meant shark jumping time. It makes more sense this way though. The show could have taken the third season to finely tune its message and basically do the same thing. Despite the absurd levels of corruption and bad decisions the characters make at every turn, a more mundane plot would've actually been less realistic. Sure, there are unrealistic parts to the plot as it is. Doug Wilson, and Andy Botwin are flat out nuts. It would have been more unrealistic though had Nancy been able to go on selling drugs with no repercussions or, more importantly, no escalation. The drug trade is a mean business. It's not realistic to think someone can sell drugs without running into the U-turns of the world.

On top of a smart story line direction, the show got a heck of a lot more funny this season. Page Kennedy kicks ass as U-Turn. Justin Kirk as Andy Botwin just keeps getting better. Maulik Pancholy as Sanjay comes roaring out of the closet. Kevin Nealon as Doug Wilson might now be playing the most underrated comedic role on television. Throw in a whole lot of crassness, anti-moral sentiment, fucking, swearing and drug use and you have show that has hit its comedic stride.
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Posted by: Jeff Egnaczyk at: 2/15/2009 7:09:46 PM

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