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Weeds - Season 1 Jenji Kohan
Weeds - Season 1 Weeds disappoints. Marijuana in suburbia could be edgy. Somehow Weeds comes off as hokey though. We're supposed to believe Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) has a difficult life raising her sons Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould) after her husband dies. Her large home and house keeper do not help. Even without these plot inconsistencies the premise doesn't stick. I found myself having to be reminded that Nancy trying to hold onto her family is the main premise of the show.

The characters come off like sitcom cast offs or bad stereotypes. There's the sassy Hispanic housekeeper (Renee Victor). Kevin Nealon as Doug Wilson, more than anyone, gives the show a sitcom feel. It's not that he acts poorly. He plays a moderately successful middle aged doofus hiding his pot habit quite well. His humor, along with Andy Botwin's (Justin Kirk) is too Saturday Night Live though. Throw in the fact that much of the humor revolves around "weed" and you feel like you're hanging out with the stoners in high school again.

The suppliers Nancy buys from are the worst stereotypes I've seen in a while. Black, they are made up of a pregnant single mother, a younger man who brags about his vehicle's rims and an older, heavier woman whose character was transplanted from a black southern stereotype.

Weeds has its moments of humor and drama. Too much of it seems flat though.
30 minutes
This product was released around 2005 by Showtime
I consumed this around October 2007
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Posted by: Jeff Egnaczyk at: 12/4/2007 6:37:28 PM

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