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Louie - Season 2 Louie C.K.
Louie - Season 2 Louie CK tops his odd but good first season with a more than solid comedic performance in season two. The show is even more hilarious this season. \Louie’s stand-up starts and ends the show, and is interspersed between scenes. Other big name comedians like Chris Rock, Godfrey, and Dane Cook make appearances as well. An individual episode is often comprised of scenes that are completely unrelated, but this season had more episodes that stayed on one topic. Louie’s romantic ineptitude is well-trod, with dates, casual sex, swinging, friendship turned romance, and even masturbation all going wrong at some point. He is still a parent trying to understand his two girls while doing what’s best for them. More so now he is a comic on the cusp of stardom. He might be miserable, but he’s good at turning that into laughter.

Several episodes set this season apart. Louie encounters death twice in humorous ways, but when it comes in the form of a friend ready to die it’s more than just a set up for a joke. There’s a lovely two-part episode fictionalizing Louie’s USO tour in which a duckling saves the day. The best episode of the season is when Dane Cook guest stars (I know, right). In an absolutely gutsy scene Louie goes to Cook for a totally undeserved favor from the man who took heat for allegedly stealing three of his jokes. Dane Cook lets him have it and Louie, who controls his show, takes it. He fights back, but ultimately Cook comes away the better man.
30 minutes
This product was released around June 2011 by FX
I consumed this around June 2011
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