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The Speed of Time Jay Lake
The Speed of Time A failed Russian weapon is slowly and silently killing off humanity. As humans experience an economic boom from their expansion throughout the galaxy, individuals simply disappear without explanation.
23 minutes
This product was released around March 2012 by Escape Pod
I consumed this around April 2012
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Posted by: Jeff Egnaczyk at: 4/16/2012 10:01:16 PM
On the Human Plan Jay Lake
On the Human Plan
So we live here in our lowtowns and our cathedrals and our shanties and caverns and buried mansions, and nothing ever changes. That is the big secret the exogen was searching for. You can transcend death, but only through stasis. The whole point and purpose of life on the human plan is death. Otherwise you are us, grubbing in the ruins of a million years of dreaming.
Dog the Digger, an intergalactic anthropologist, is "[charged] with finding the door into death." With the help of Pater Nostrum, a priest who can search all the "information [that] flows everywhere on this earth", this is what he finds. As Pater remarks,
"You are not on the human plan, but I am." He leaned close, almost touching me. "Do you think the human plan called for four-thousand-year-old priests? When was the last time you saw a child?"
One can defeat death but only through a stasis that is not human. That is what humanity has accomplished in Digger's universe.
This product was released around UNKNOWN by UNKNOWN
I consumed this around UNKNOWN
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Posted by: Jeff Egnaczyk at: 7/28/2010 9:40:00 PM
Skinhorse Goes to Mars Jay Lake
Skinhorse Goes to Mars A man is enlisted by a destroyer of worlds for a trip to Mars.
30 minutes
This product was released around August 2009 by Escape Pod
I consumed this around September 2009
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Posted by: Jeff Egnaczyk at: 10/15/2009 5:48:42 PM

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