Have You "Disrespected" More Than Kaepernick
What is Colin Kaepernick "disrespecting" when he doesn't stand and salute the flag during the national anthem? Surely the issue isn't that he's not showing respect to a song or a piece of cloth. It must be what that song and flag represent - and these particular things represent the United States of America, right? And what is America? It's not just a boundary created by a river or a checkpoint or a wall, denoted by a darker line on a map. What is it? It's the people who live inside and sometimes outside those borders. It's the cultures (plural) they live in and the morality and ideals they live by. It's the institutions and law they've created. It's the history they've lived and the traditions they keep.

So when you complain about athletes disrespecting a symbol of America ask yourself if you haven't gone a step further than that, cut out the middle man as they say. Ask yourself if your words and actions disrespect - not just criticize, disrespect - the people, ideals, institutions, and traditions of the country that is represented by that flag and that anthem.
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